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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Technology – Shaping the future workforce

Tausifur Rahman | Aug 17, 2020

A few months ago, on a lazy sultry evening while glancing through American talk show videos, I found an old video of “To Night Show” by Jimmy Fallon. I have never been an avid admirer of Jimmy Fallon and would have preferred to watch Jimmy Kimmel or David Letterman talk show on any given day, albeit my eyes remained glued to the screen thanks to the fascinating guest on the show and her astonishing musical performance. The esteemed guest Sophia, a social humanoid robot developed by Hanson and a proud first non-human citizen of Saudi Arabia (or any country of the modern world) is unique and unrivalled in many different ways.

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Reflections on Seven Years of Stepping Cloud

Tanzilur Rahman | Aug 17, 2020

It is said that the first seven years are most crucial in a child's development. In these years the brain develops much faster and sets the foundation for how the child interacts with the world and builds relationships in future. By the age of seven an important milestone occurs, what is traditionally called ‘age of reason’; the age at which a child is considered capable of acting responsibly.

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Work from Home– A blessing in disguise

Tausifur Rahman | April 07, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. The storm of death did not stop at Wuhan, after inflicting debilitating devastation in the commercial city it rose again and flew across the oceans and mountain ranges to unleash the horror in the dazzling cities of Milan, Madrid, New York, London and many more.

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Communication is a critical Success Factor

Tanzilur Rahman | April 07, 2020

Communication is critical to customer, organisational and individual success. It almost sounds as cliche except it is true. Simply put it is the ability to clearly understand the other person’s point of view and explain one’s own point of view clearly to the other person. Most often we confuse communication as felicity with language but that may not be all and this seemingly simple task may look herculean. Hence, it is important to unravel the sub elements that comprise this mysterious phenomenon.

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HR Digitisation - A Journey through Time

Tausifur Rahman | July 02, 2019

The Industrial Revolution in Europe was indeed a springboard for the evolution of modern day “Human Resources” function. The power of special purpose machines feeding on the continuous supply of workforce and bottomless capital kick-started the engine of the Industrial Revolution to full throttle. The organisation’s immediate need to administer and control the workforce led to the emergence of “Personnel Administration” function in the factories (perhaps it was the first incarnation of modern day “Human Resources”) with the key objectives of managing the labour relationship, wages, government policies, and trade union (after coming into existence around 1870).

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HR Digitisation – Mantra for Success

Tausifur Rahman | June 24, 2019

Many of the medium and small enterprises are adopting and embracing “Digital HR solutions” with open arms as a next big disruptive change to make their organizations efficient, effective and competitive. Digitization of the entire HR process requires a significant amount of investment, long execution time, meticulous planning, highly skilled resource pool and unflinching faith of the organization leadership in the product and the people executing the project. With the mammoth risk of failure hovering around, it is imperative to envisage, objectively analyze and proactively take all measures to mitigate the known risks of the project failure.

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Demystifying Leadership

Tausifur Rahman | May 28, 2019

Not a long time ago, during my college years, I imagined leaders as the super-human beings blessed with the eloquence of diction and an enviable oratory skill that evokes infinite passion and inspires the generation. I firmly believed that born leaders are flamboyant, they exude confidence and emanate positive energy during the dark and difficult juncture of time, they command reverence from their friends and foes alike, they have big dreams and clarity of directions to navigate through the unchartered territory towards their envisioned new world. Not surprisingly, during my salad days I adored the likes of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr, Che Guevera, Nelson Mandela and Jawahar Lal Nehru and many more for varied reasons.

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With 1811 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer now there is a new way of replicating Employees from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C). Until the 1805 release point-to-point (P2P) and intermediate staging area-based replication was supported in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer for replication employees from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC). But with 1811 release SAP offer direct replication to people work-centre via SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) and SuccessFactors Integration Centre. This blog mainly focus on HCI integration.

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