Diagnostic Review

In the competitive business environment, it is extremely important that HR IT Systems and processes are aligned with the Organisation’s strategic objectives and operational business requirements.The need for the system diagnostic review is necessitated by the process and control gaps in the existing system framework.

Our deep understanding of the SuccessFactors system and rich experience of designing HR processes helps in identifying the misalignments and gaps. Aided by the strong and proven framework for system diagnostics review, we go beyond the gaps identification and publish a detailed roadmap for accomplishing the objectives leading to Robust, Agile and Efficient HR IT System.


What We Offer:

We carry out comprehensive review of the SuccessFactors implementations with the focus on the following objectives and suggest the remedial action along with the roadmap.

  1. System configuration and integrations review to ascertain the system design is robust and scalable.
  2. Review of the usage of data and discipline adhered to within SuccessFactors’ processes.
  3. Review of process controls
  4. Review of the System Design vis-à-vis Industry Best Practices and Operational Efficiency
  5. Identify the gaps in process configuration
  6. Assess the alignment of organizational objectives with IT Systems and processes
  7. Suggest the remedial action along with the roadmap


Our Approach

We follow 3 step approaches for performing the System Diagnostic Reviews.

We will leverage our knowledge of SF and rich experience of reviewing IT systems at each stage of the project to provide optimum solution.